This year is shaping up to be a rough one on social media. Well over 50% of the posts I’m seeing on my Twitter and Facebook these days are political by some measure. Solving this problem seemed like a natural fit for Sadblock, so I decided to add a keyword pack just for this scenario.

Steps to hide political posts on Facebook and Twitter:

  1. Install Sadblock Chrome Extension.
  2. Navigate to Facebook or Twitter.
  3. Click Sadblock icon in top-right corner.
  4. Enable “Politics” category.
  5. Enjoy a more pleasant online experience!

Some Chrome extensions already exist to sort of solve this problem, but they are often overly complex, and limited to one social media site. Sadblock is dead-simple to use, all the keywords are done for you, and it works on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit (with more coming soon).

Happy browsing!