As some of you may know, I have built a Chrome Extension called Sadblock recently. You can check it out here.

Imgur Screenshot 1

It is at its core a plugin that will hide sad/depressing posts on various social media platforms. It can also hide politics and a few others, with more on the way.

The need for a tool like Sadblock is not isolated to a small group. We can verify this through seeing posts like this one popping up fairly regularly. Often, the people that most desire a tool like Sadblock are the ones that would never ask for it. The reason is likely for fear of seeing things like this:

Imgur Screenshot 1

and this

Imgur Screenshot 2

I would like these silenced people especially to understand that they are definitely not the only ones that are tired of going to bed depressed, or waking up and having your morning ruined because everyone else wants to talk incessantly about heartbreaking news.

I get a lot of flak from people questioning the intent of the tool, with the claim that it amounts to giving someone blinders, and “how will they stay informed?” The fact is, sad stories will appear on the news, google, messaging, blogs, at the water cooler, talking to friends and parents, etc. Take a moment here, and really try to understand that if news is truly newsworthy, sad or otherwise, it will find its way to you. It always does.

It is not necessary to be bombarded with news about terrorists and deaths halfway across the world in order to “stay informed”. All that happens is someone goes to bed with a sinking feeling in their stomach, or they wake up and have their day ruined because the first thing they read in the morning is that another person lost their life in some tragic way.

Maybe Sadblock will at least delay this until after breakfast. That seems worthwhile, no?

It’s simple. It’s free. It works.

Stay happy, friends.